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Your hearing is of great importance, but hearing loss can creep up on you to the point that you may not notice at first, then you may compensate for it, and then it can get to the point where it poses a real problem. You don’t have to feel isolated anymore due to hearing loss. Ascent Audiology & Hearing is Cincinnati’s premier audiology practice, providing a suite of audiological services including prevention, diagnostic care, hearing aids, counseling and personalized aftercare. Our services are customized to each patient’s individual needs.

You may also be worried about the cost of hearing aids. We have affordable solutions for you so you can get a hearing aid that fits your budget.

As the practice of audiology is as much an art as it is a science, Dr. Holland utilizes cutting-edge hearing technology with quality personal attention to ensure you get superior hearing healthcare.

Contact us today to schedule a hearing evaluation. This is the first step to determine the extent of your hearing loss. We offer a caring setting where you can feel relaxed. We encourage your questions and welcome you.


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Customer Reviews

I just want everyone to know how great Dr Amy Holland is. She is one of the best doctors i have have ever been to in my life. She is very professional and very very kind. She is also very easy to talk to, i had a great conversation with...

Store 23, on Google+

Dr. Holland is an excellent Audiologist. She is kind and patient when dealing with elderly patients (parents)!

Erwin Erhardt, on Google+

My experience with Dr. Holland has been an awesome one. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, and she is dedicated to her patients in every possible sense. From explaining hearing loss to the follow-up care required after a fitting, people come back because she listens...

Kenny Bostick, on Google+

I came to see Dr. Holland as I seemed to be having a difficult time hearing Co workers at my job. I wear a headset and thought it may have caused some hearing loss. I was a little nervous, not knowing what to expect. She put my mind at ease...

Connie Holland, on Google+

My experience with Dr. Holland has been very positive. I had a thorough hearing test and explanation of my hearing loss. Her description of the available hearing aids made the choice easy. I am better able to participate in business meetings and phone conversations are clearer. She is an excellent...

Irene Light, on Google+

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Ascent Audiology & Hearing Cincinnati

(513) 770-1076
5177 N Bend Rd Suite 1, Cincinnati, OH 45211
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